• We visit you home to complete a medical evaluation and treatment plan.

    1 hr

  • Why leave home when all you need is a click.

    30 min

    49 US dollars
  • Botox Fillers

    1 hr

    from $9.5/unit
  • Gather your friends to avail fabulous discounted prices!

    Started May 14, 2020

    from $6/unit botox
  • Your fully personalized healthcare provider.

    15 min

    From $79/month

Home Visit Doctors Services

How to get doctor consultation at home in Dallas effortlessly and affordably? Look no farther than Opedia Health. We offer home visit, telemedicine appointment, and private 1 on 1 cosmetic service for our customers. You can also approach us for cosmetic group treatments and concierge medical plans.  


Opedia Heath provides home doctor visiting services Dallas at most competitive prices. You can expect the best treatment at an incredibly affordable fee.  Our dedicated and disciplined professionals work according to your schedule and convenience and fulfill your needs perfectly. You can contact us to get high quality home treatments for adults as well as kids. 


Our telemedicine services and home visit doctors services Fort Worth are covered by insurance. You can make a booking online effortlessly. An appointment can be taken using a phone call as well. Our method of approach is straightforward and transparent and you can expect 100% satisfaction with our services.      

Frequently asked questions

هل يوجد ميزانية محددة لعمل إعلان لنشاطي؟

لا .. نحن في اكستنت نقوم بإدارة ميزانية الحملة الإعلانية تبعا لما يناسب نشاط العمل وميزانية العميل.

هل سأحصل على تقارير لحملاتي الإعلانية؟

نعم بالطبع, ستحصل على تقارير دورية بنشاط ونتائج الحملة (أسبوعية – نصف شهرية – شهرية) وفي بعض الحالات الاستثنائية تقديم تقارير (يومية)

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